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Specialist Consultants to the Building and Engineering Construction Industries

Since the formation of the HCL Group in 1981 HCL has provided a wide range of specialist construction contract administrative services to the Building and Engineering construction industries in Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, South East Asia, New Guinea and Malaysia..

Assignments have ranged from supervising the owner’s interests in the $665m Cooper Basin Oil Producers Liquids Project at Moomba and Whyalla in South Australia (1980 -1984), the provision of expert witness services to a $23m damages claim against the local government construction authority in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, research analysis and documentation of both multi million ($20m+) and smaller contract claims for a wide range of industry clients. Other assignments include the preparation of submissions under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (the Act), and the preparation and presentation of seminars dealing with the effective administration of construction contracts including using the SOP Act to secure timely payments of payment claims.

Following key amendments of the Act in 2003 HCL’s activities have mainly centred on the provision of services involving the preparation of payment claims, payment schedules, adjudication applications and adjudication responses under that Act.

Securing a successful outcome for Adjudication Applications requires a thorough understand of the Act and the terms and conditions of the construction contracts under which a claim is made, as well as the claimant’s administration of that contract. It also requires an understanding of the rules of evidence that apply to an adjudication and most importantly what Adjudicators look for when making a determination of Payment Claims.

HCL’s Principal Consultant is an accredited Adjudicator and Mediator (see Principal Consultant details) with extensive experience in the administration of Engineering and Building Construction Contracts with particular expertise in preparation of Payment Claims and Adjudication Applications under the NSW SOP Act. As a result, Adjudication Applications prepared by HCL not only meet all relevant requirements of the Act but are prepared in a manner that clearly sets out the claimant’s entitlement to payment of its payment claim

HCL’s success rate for gaining a favourable determination of Adjudication Applications prepared by it is in excess of 95%.


Specialist Consultants to the Building and Engineering Construction Industries
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