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Principal Consultant
Hank C Laan        MA (at Law) Macq, Grad Dip Conflict Resolution, Macq, Fellow, Australian Institute of Management, , LEADR accredited Adjudicator and Mediator, JP

Hank Laan Portrait

Hank Laan has extensive experience in the administration of engineering and building construction contracts. During that time he has been responsible for the management of a wide variety of macro projects for the process and petroleum industries in Australia, New Guinea, South East Asia and Europe where he gained a reputation for completing projects on time and under budget.

Senior executive positions in the construction industries include Operations Director for the Australian Affiliate of a UK engineering construction company, Group General Manager of a group of companies involved with the Building Industry throughout Australia and Chief Executive and Director of a major NSW Government Department (The Darling Harbour Authority).

Hank’s Project Management experience includes Resident Project Manager of a major engineering project in Bougainville New Guinea employing a workforce numbering 470, Project Manager for a wide variety of projects including the construction of (5) new Export Abattoirs, various Process Plants, a Synthetic Rubber Plant and Airport Fuelling Facilities in New Guinea and Australia, followed by appointment as Senior Consultant Project Manager for a $665 million petroleum industry project in South Australia. This was followed by an appointment (late 1984) as the Inaugural Chief Executive and Director of the NSW Government's Darling Harbour Authority with executive responsibility for developing Darling Harbour into one of NSW’s leading tourist attractions.

Since leaving the Darling Harbour Authority early 1986 Hank has guided HCL Associates to gaining extensive experience in the research, analysis, documentation and resolution of a wide range of commercial contract disputes involving projects in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Vanuatu and South East Asia.

As Principal Consultant, Hank has particular expertise in the clear and concise presentation of material in support of commercial disputes. In 1991 he pioneered the use of video overview summaries of commercial disputes designed to provide senior executives of the parties to gain a ready appreciation of relevant facts of the disputes in the shortest possible time thereby assisting the parties to negotiate a resolution of their dispute.

In 1994, as part of a research thesis prepared for an MA degree at the School of Law, Macquarie University (dealing with commercial dispute resolution processes in the construction industries), Hank accepted an appointment as part time referee on the NSW Department of Consumer Affairs Building Disputes Tribunal. The appointment was for a period of 18 months ending in 1995.

Hank is accredited with LEADR (and registered with the NSW Supreme Court) as a qualified mediator. He is also accredited (by LEADR) as an Adjudicator for matters under The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payments Act 1999.

jillian Laan Portrait

Office Manager / Director
Jillian M Laan  JP;



Jillian Laan has had extensive experience in the construction industry commencing her career as an assistant to the Company Secretary and the Company Accountant of Hooker Home Units a division of LJ Hooker Pty Ltd. This company was involved with the construction of multi storey home units. Her duties involved Corporate Affairs compliance, Insurance records and Paymaster for both office and site personnel..

This was followed by a lengthy period at Progress and Properties Pty Ltd where as Executive Assistant to the firms Company Secretary and Chief Accountant she gained extensive experience in the administrative requirements of major building contracts including site visits to large high rise building projects in both NSW and QLD and maintenance of the firm’s insurance and share portfolio for the public company and looking after over 100 associate companies in the group.

Part of her duties when assisting the Company Secretary was ensuring that the P&P Group complied with the Corporate Governance Rules and Regulations of Corporate Affairs and the ATO.

Joining HCL in 1986 as Office Manager Jillian introduced computerised word processing to the company and applied her specialist skills to the visual enhancement of detailed studies, contract claims, presentations and reports prepared by HCL’s consultants. She has also played a major role in HCL conducting financial and progress audits of numerous major building contracts to obtain documentary evidence in support of contract claim submissions prepared by HCL.

Since 2003 Jillian has been responsible for the organisation and execution of industry Seminars and presentations run by HCL on matters involving the Security of Payment Act. She was also a key member of a HCL team that was commissioned to prepare two Heritage Studies for NSW State Rail where she collected/collated information gathered during the team’s site inspections and took key photographs for inclusion in the reports plus designed and produced the final reports.

Through her early and continued exposure to the utilisation of computers in the building industry and continuous learning programmes Jillian has become highly skilled in the use of a wide variety of computer programmes.

A Director of HCL since December 1988 Jillian is highly regarded by HCL’s clients for her superior presentation skills, enthusiasm, and willingness to “go the extra mile” including working all night for clients to ensure that the collation and visual presentation of evidence in support of matters being litigated or arbitrated or submissions under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW) are completed within tight deadlines.


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